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Motorsport Fan Essentials

Below are a few things to consider before heading out to your first motorsport event (specifically road course racing).

Some Essentials

  • Comfortable shoes for walking on uneven terrain (If you plan to hike around the track) -- The struggle is real if you wear the wrong footwear
  • Water or some sort of drink to stay hydrated
  • A cooler of some sort to keep drinks cold
  • Ear protection -- If you plan to get close to the action, you'll want to have some sort of ear protection
  • Snacks (protein bars, granola, fruit)
  • Sunscreen or sun protection
  • Pay attention to the weather -- dress accordingly and be prepared for changing conditions -- they race in rain or sunshine
  • Water or some sort of drink to stay hydrated -- yup, I'm saying it again
  • Camera gear / backpack
  • Lawn chair or blanket if you plan to "find a spot" and sit
  • Sunglasses

Some 2022 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Race Tracks

Other Race Tracks

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