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Endurance sports car racing is nothing short of amazing — the sights, the sounds, the scents — it's all part of the experience. Racers compete at world-renowned tracks around the globe. Each race track has its own unique characteristics and personality that constantly challenge racer and machine, but the overall goal remains the same — to win. Race durations range from relatively short (few hours) up to a full 24 hours or more. Competition is incredibly fierce, every second of every race is important — it's a true test of teamwork, strategy, and physical limits (for the racer, race crews, and cars).

Motorsport photography allows a unique interpretation of what goes on during a race or racing weekend. I learned quickly that form of photography is more challenging and humbling than one would expect. If you think your first time out to the track you will return with amazing images, you may be disappointed, but don't despair. Like all photography, you are constantly learning and refining, and with further practice, you'll get that first "solid keeper" that will have you returning to the track for more (and with more camera gear). Fall 2015, at Lime Rock Park, known for its beauty speed and tradition, is the first track I attempted motorsport photography using my Nikon DSLR camera. Since then, I’ve captured motorsport moments in Connecticut (Lime Rock Park), New York (Watkins Glen International), Georgia (Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta), and Florida (Daytona International Speedway), but there are many other motorsport venues around the world I hope to visit with my camera.

I definitely gravitate toward capturing International Motor Sports Association-sanctioned racing events, but it’s inevitable when you pick up a camera, you will most likely enjoy a few different genres. For me it's nature photography (who doesn't love a sunset or sunrise, even without race cars) along with one of my all-time favorites, capturing the nooks-and-crannies of Charleston, SC.

If you have never attended a motorsport event, I encourage you to give it try — visit my essentials page to find links to various motorsport tracks and items to better prepare for your first event as a spectator.

See you at the track,


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